About Vulpes Vulpes

Vulpes Vulpes is an artist collective interested in social histories, the built environment, notions of community, education and social structures. Through running an artist led space together since 2009, hosting exhibitions, performances and workshops, we became involved in each other’s individual practices and in 2011 began collaborating alongside our programme.

Vulpes Vulpes are founding members of Ursus Housing Co-operative and have lived and worked together throughout the project.


Prout Road

In 2009 Vulpes Vulpes began organising and hosting exhibitions in a Victorian tram depot in Clapton; a large open warehouse space. Together with local residents and councilors we formed Clapton Arts Trust, and campaigned to save the tram depot from demolition, hoping instead to raise funds to maintain the building as a permanent community art space, we were unable to do this and left Prout Road in 2011.


Rigg Approach

From 2011 Vulpes Vulpes was based in a warehouse in Leyton where we had a loosely defined gallery within the shared living space. We began to explore offsite projects during this period, and to think about collaboration more seriously both as organisers and as a collective.


Blue Anchor Lane

In 2013 Vulpes Vulpes moved to Blue Anchor Lane in Bermondsey. The gallery consisted of a large raw archway at the back and a clean white office space at the front and was a platform for projects, exhibitions and activities. This building was the first time the Vulpes Vulpes space had been detatched from our living quarters, however, our interest in the crossovers between domestic, work and public space persists, as does our intense interaction with buildings.

Southwark Irish Pensioners

Childers Street

In 2015 we started to work itinerantly again and carried out more off-site activities around the local area of Blue Anchor Lane. In 2016 we moved to an ACME studio in Childers Street where we have a large versatile studio and will continue to generate work and develop off-site projects during 2016-17.

Vulpes Vulpes are:

Laurie Storey, Carla Wright, Anna Chrystal StephensHadiru Mahdi

Former members are:

Ben Garrod (2009-12), Scott Massey (2009-11), Adam Burton (2009-10) and Patrick Goddard (2009)

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