Hadiru Mahdi - A Walk

Approach Togetherness

14 June -17 June 2012

Adam Burton, Adrianna Palazzolo, Anna Chrystal Stephens, Ben Garrod, Bess Shipside, Carla Wright, Hadiru Mahdi, Jonathan P Watts, John Rodgers, Lawrence Leaman, Laurie Storey & Reuben Bowles.

An exhibition of twelve local Clapton artists currently based in the Vulpes Vulpes studios. The work in this exhibition will be occupy two sites: an early Victorian grade II listed school house on the Lea Bridge road, currently in a transitional period of restoration; and the new Vulpes Vulpes project space, a five minute walk from the School House across marshland, aqueduct and industry. The work shown will consist of film, painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and photography. On the opening evening visitors will be invited to walk one of the many paths connecting the two spaces.

Though the school house and the Vulpes Vulpes building are very different in terms of architecture, purpose and history, parallels can be drawn from the two as buildings functioning as places of education and self development. While one space is being restored another has just been established, reflecting the constant development of an area permanently in transition.