Appropriate Response Poster

Appropriate Response

Vulpes Vulpes Open Exhibition 2012

24 November – 2 December 2012

Leo Koivistoinen / Lisa Selby/ Anthony Carr/ David Theobald / Tom Bayliss / Ismail Erbil / James Page / Mark Pembrey / Yana Naidenov / Laura Green / Charlie Coffey / Chris Coombes / Lesley Guy / Bethan Lloyd Worthington / Etienne Lafrance / Adam Knight / Kyle Galloway / Jamie Carter / Dominic Watson/ Fanny Aboulker / Jessica Miller

The exhibition of work selected from Vulpes Vulpes Open Call 2012, included a range of media and methodologies. Traditional making processes and techniques sit alongside work which are post efficient, and removed from physical manual skills.

Laura Green employs methods once used to produce extremely important objects with practical applications, now used to produce these sluggish coil pots which suggest found or excavated objects not of this time. Bethan Lloyd Worthington’s Calendar is evocative of an ongoing semi-industrial activity whilst Tom Bayliss’ models accentuate the aesthetics of a structure over its function.

Alongside these are works which talk about the layering and mediation of technology: from David Theobold’s Walking Holiday in Grindlewald with its ongoing and unnecessary transformations of one method of visual representation into another; to Jessica Miller’s Medium, which presents us with an ancient ritual, mediated through the internet. This excessive use of the visual possibilities of digital technologies seems countered by practices like Mark Pembrey’s letterpress and Anthony Carr’s pinhole photographs: a simple photographic process, which for a period of history was standard and widely used, but which now once again seems magical and alchemic.

For The Comfort of Others, by Lisa Selby transforms the domestic into the bespoke, luxurious and desirable; detergent appears in vials, like potions. In Ismail Erbil’s piece, a collage of domestic items and semi-sculptural materials are configured to allude to superstition and the shamanic.