Robert Fearns

Changing the Nature

15 January – 31 January 2010

Ann-Marie James, Ally Mellor, Anna Chrystal, Iain S. Hales, James Page, Robert Fearns, Scott Massey, Yolande Kenny

This exhibition looked at interpretations of nature and the linguistic and visual systems of codes that permeate our understanding of nature. The materials that artworks are made of are significant in the way we understand and contextualise a piece. Through exploring these definitions we aim to challenge, not only the categorisations of nature and materiality, but also artworks themselves. The way we seek to understand ideas and objects in relation to semantic structures provides a secure world-view but limits the terms in! which we process information.

Changing The Nature includes work which, either consciously or sub-consciously, taps into our growing concern with an environmental, necessarily global approach to nature as a wider, interlinked, ecological system. A system that is not outside culture, but inextricably linked to it via phenomenon such as climate change, sustainability and a new consciousness of how we use the materials in the world around us.