Free On

Free On

6 March – 21 March 2010

Adam BurtonBen Garrod, Lee Stone

We do each others things.

Free on was an exhibition resulting from an experiment in collaboration and work ethic[s] involving three artists, nine separate pieces, and many rules. Rule 1 is that there were always three things, if there was a fourth thing it was made to stand at the back during photo shoots and was not allowed to have any tattoos. Although there was nothing about ‘crushing failure’ and misanthropy.

An exhibition of painting, video, installation, sound, net-art, and text.

We wanted to find a way of deferring responsibility for any decisions we might have reached individually whilst making art. And have contrived a system by which we tell each other what work to make. The time taken talking about it, the fractured means of conversation (i.e. online document exchange, sms text, email), and allowing synchronicity to act as an occasional arbiter in the development of ideas has caused the finished works to stray from the proscriptive directions we gave each other at the outset. This exhibition is the product of our collaborations.