Living Structures Workshop

Living Structures Workshop

June 2012

Anna Chrystal Stephens and Carla Wright

Part of the exhibition Edges at Latymer Projects

The children’s workshop was held at Latymer Projects (the old Latymer Family Centre) and is inspired by themes in the forthcoming exhibition Edges. Engaging with ideas around homes and shelters from different communities in different parts of the world, the workshop encouraged experimentation with a variety of materials to create “mini – dwellings”. Towards the end of the session,  children worked together as a group to arrange the structures into a “society”. The workshop also touched on ideas around the availability of resources and materials in different parts of the world, and how different types of communities organise their living conditions. Time was made available in the session for everyone to contribute and formulate their own thoughts, experiences and ideas around home, community and their living environment.