Raphaël Lecoquierre

Meditations on Management

9 – 24 November 2013

Regis Jocteur Monrozier, Nancy Moreno, Raphaël Lecoquierre, Louise Boghossian and Andrea Montano

Vulpes Vulpes presented the second part of an exchange project with Brussels gallery Abilene. Abilene was founded in 2011 by five French artists and took its name from a paradox defined by American sociologist Jerry B. Harvey. In his book The Abilene paradox and other meditations on management, he addresses the difficulties linked to decision making within groups. He describes how a collective dynamic can smother the true desires and convictions of the members of a group who, from fear of isolation and separation, behave in a way that is contradictory to their true will.


“We have decided to use this exchange project as a chance to meditate on the paradox from which we chose our name, this intangible assumption that brought us together.” 


Although they each have their own art practices, Abilene’s collective projects are mostly curatorial. The five artists have decided to use the gallery exchange as an opportunity for the group to explore social and creative dynamics within an artist collective in the context of the Abilene Paradox.

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