Of The Land

Of the Land

30 July – 30 August 2009

Rachel Potts, Mette Juul, Robin Friend and Oliver Fuke

Of the land brought together a series of contemporary images from a select group of practising artists and recent graduates from the Royal College of Art MA and Wimbledon BA courses.

Rob Eagle, a graduate of the Royal College of Art sculpture MA, curated the show based on his outlook of the everyday world and the peculiarities of culture that affect us all, whether knowingly or otherwise. The featured artists achieved recognition through their descriptive narrative of the landscapes and cultural material that inform our understanding of the world we inhabit, a celluloid-inflected land of pictures.

The work developed through the artists’ journeys and represents the emergence of each of their personal endeavours. The humorous, the banal, the inquisitive and even the exotic are identified in the work, providing encouraging and uplifting perspectives to be experienced by all who viewed them.