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Vulpes Vulpes Open 2014

8 November  – 30 November 2014

Arthur Gray, Alex Duncan, Ben Cove, Bob Gelsthorpe, Charlie G Thomas, Yumi Chung, Claire Lavender, David Farrar, Diego Delas, Dakota Gearhart, Dave Charlesworth, Emilia Moisio, Hannah Clarkson, Jonny JJ Winter, Justyna Kabala, Kirsty Harris, Linda Persson, Lizi Sanchez, Laura Yuile, Lindsey Mendick, Louise Chivers, Patrick James, Tara Langford, Vasilis Asimakopoulos

Vulpes Vulpes presented an exhibition of work selected from a biannual open call. Twenty four artists were chosen whose work includes a wide range of media and methodologies, one of which will be invited to propose solo projects in 2015.

Big Pot One Stop, 2014
A mobile kitchen sculpture by artist Kyle Galloway, including a live performance with collaborator Divya Osbon.

Additional Event:
Artist Supper Club – Thursday 20th November at 7pm

The Artists Supper Club used food, taste and the dinning table to prompt conversation and discussion about the Vulpes Vulpes Open.