The Horn


25 July- 16 August 2014

This residency was a chance for Vulpes Vulpes to explore the idea of “Gatherings” – Social or leisure events as a way to suspend notions of class and formality in favour of non-hierarchical forms of interaction. It will culminated in a series of happenings that will take place over the weekend of 8th, 9th and 10th August at AirSpace Gallery, involving local businesses and residents.

Collectivism and shared decision making underpin our research process and collaborative working methods. Initially using the residency time to walk, explore, and make connections, following clues to create loose networks; the project will then progress through observing, instigating, and participating in informal gatherings around Stoke-on-Trent.

During the residency we questioned different formats of gatherings; those based on site or identity; impromptu, organised or institutionalised. What are the social, political, and cultural functions of these gatherings?

The Science of Society by Stephen Pearl Andrews (1852)

‘Conversation is continuous, brilliant, and varied.Groups are formed according to attraction. They are continuously broken up, and re-formed through the operation of the same subtile and all-pervading influence. Mutual deference pervades all classes, and the most perfect harmony, ever yet attained, in complex human relations, prevails under precisely those circumstances which Legislators and Statesmen dread as the conditions of inevitable anarchy and confusion. If there are laws of etiquette at all, they are mere suggestions of principles admitted into and judged of for himself or herself, by each individual mind.

– – –

Suppose the intercourse of the parlor to be regulated by specific legislation. Let the time which each gentleman shall be allowed to speak to each lady be fixed by law; the position in which they should sit or stand be precisely regulated; the subjects which they shall be allowed to speak of, and the tone of voice and accompanying gestures with which each may be treated, carefully defined, all under pretext of preventing disorder and encroachment upon each other’s privileges and rights, then can any thing be conceived better calculated or more certain to convert social intercourse into intolerable slavery and hopeless confusion?’

Residency at Airspace Gallery, Stoke on Trent.
Read the Airspace Gallery report of our residency here

Parlour Residency

Sports day in the ginnel