Felicity Hammond

Restore to Factory Settings


3 – 19 October 2014

Ryan Curtis and Felicity Hammond

Vulpes Vulpes presented an exhibition of photography, sculpture and video by two artists who share an interest in the re-configuration of landscapes, according to dystopian future visions informed by the past and the present.
The front space showed a large photographic collage by Felicity Hammond, exploring the notion of dismembered landscapes and the careful reconstruction of future habitats. Along with new sculpture work and an architectural intervention. The back ‘arch’ space contained a sculptural installation by Ryan Curtis, exploring post-apocalyptic/post-human scenarios. Through the various collections and assembles of material matter, it alluded to a future built on the appropriated relics of the everyday objects which surround us.

“Mostly these are post-industrial areas, where obsolete industries are replaced by luxury housing. The blue print is used to refer not just to the print of future planning, but also to failure; the error report, the miscommunication, the factory settings. This work stands for both progression and error, and its relationship with natural temporality.”
Felicity Hammond

“If we liberated objects from the imaginary and symbolic binds that we impose on them then what is there; what would be their freedom? How would they act, would there be a hierarchy, or any interactions at all? We can do nothing but anthropomorphize.”
Ryan Curtis