Yonatan Vinitsky (left, right), Simon Bedwell (middle)

Standard Candles

31 March – 25 April 2010

Gunter Reski, Simon Bedwell, John Chilver and Yonatan Vinitsky

Standard Candles’ was conceived as a conversation about display, painting and periodisation and featured a diversity of works  that dealt with these concerns through a shared obliqueness in approaching painting.


Standard Candle’ [SC] is the term used in astronomy to designate an object, such as a type of star, of supposedly known luminosity that’s used as a benchmark in determining extreme distances by a comparison between absolute and apparent luminosity. As well as measuring space the SC is a distance indicator also for time, meaning the ultra-distant past from which light has travelled. The works in the show marked their relations to painting as mediated through tactics of display and (counter-)periodisation. The show considered the work done by painting as always also a matter of estimating and stylizing its distance from comparable past and future objects.