15 May- 6 June 2010

Alex Chinneck, Freddy Dewe Mathews, Thomas Kendall, David Murphy, David Stupple and Daniel Wallis

Five artists and one writer set about a group show at the artist run space Vulpes Vulpes in Clapton. Working in sculpture, performance, drawing and prose these artists strove to question and understand the assumptions we often make through the explorative nature creation.

The show’s title SuperRefraction refered to meteoralogical conditions in which the trajectory of electro magnetic waves are bent in an arc approaching the curvature of the earth. An unexpected and counter-intuitive property of the heat and moisture content of the atmosphere, SuperRefraction links the chance happenings of our environment and a deeper understanding of the everyday stuff which surrounds us.

The work revolved variously around their relationship to the object, an exploration of wonderment, lyricism of form, links between form and history and ideas of integrity and honesty in material. An ethic of openness and generosity binds these artists work and although the discourse between their works had some history this was the first time they had all shown at the same space at the same time.