Laura Yuile

The Capital

4  July – 26 July 2015

Laura Yuile

Laura Yuile presented a new body of work at Vulpes Vulpes concerning spaces of economic speculation and investment on both an global and individual basis. The project considers how architectures of speculation and the notion of ‘hope’ impacts the structures and frameworks that contain and surround us.

The exhibition included a new video work and a series of sculptures that speak of the interactions between systemic global conditions and tangible local conditions, and how evolving global networks and flows effect everyday life and the domestic sphere. Domestic materials and home-spun techniques of production pose questions not only of economic investment, but of our investment in both language and material, and where the line lies between need and excess.

Presentation: get-up-and-go
18 July 

To coincide with her exhibition The Capital, Laura Yuile invited globally renowned motivational speaker to deliver a presentation inspired by ideas stemming from the exhibition. The presentation will consider how the ascendance of transnational economic networks has challenged the network of national capital cities; the idea that we have entered a space of flows rather than one of places; and the transformation of power away from nodal centres. This motivational talk will propose a number of frameworks and ideas to enable us to get on with our lives and enjoy the world amidst these shifts.