Lucas Pottier flyer

The London Project

23 October – 7 November 2010

Lucas Pottier

” With The London Project, I wanted to experiment with the gallery space, its dimensions, its construction materials and it’s vernacular architecture. This exhibition aims to develop an opposition by setting up a symbolic structure, here the roof, deprived of its inherent use and made out of brand new construction wood specifically for the gallery. I thought about the architectural evidence of past activity in this space. This structure, is the result of months of reflexion around the space of Vulpes Vulpes gallery, many aspects and shapes have been considered. I intend by occupy most of the space, to provoke it, by the use of straight thin slits cut out of the “roof”. This method of “re-reading” space, is recurrent in my work, which allows me not to have a studio but to move. As each location is unique, and has its own particular kind of material, dimension and light, each installation is therefore unique.”

– Lucas Pottier

The London Project is Paris based artist Lucas Pottier’s first solo exhibition.

Project supported by: Galerie Rabouan-Moussian, Paris.