Ben Garrod

this, then that, and because of that, this

4 July – 12 July 2009

Ben Garrod & Scott Massey

time necessity a walk a find and because of that this a projector a wall then that these and then that and because of that this a post-efficient work ethic then graphic design the war then the film an art education then a construction job a pseudo need a pseudo desire to fill it and because of that this a sense of urgency then self doubt this space then that thing and because of that an exhibition a thing or state of things and then a thing happened and because that thing happened there is this thing which may or may not be entirely different from the thing we started with that isn’t made clear

An exhibition of sculpture, painting and installation by Ben Garrod and Scott Massey. Over the preceding three weeks the artists have made work responding to the space and drawing physically from the surrounding area using art as a way-point in the cycle of use, renewal and waste.