We Interventions

June 2010

Five artists revisit the town where they initially met and studied six years prior. The collaborative sculptures in the main floor space of Walcot Chapel reference temporary sleeping arrangements and camping out. On the gallery walls each artist presents a personal project which reflects in some way on the transition between the time in Bath and the present.

Laurie Storey
The time spent at university is unique for everybody. However, there are constants within every student experience. These often include bad eating habits, interpersonal drama and prolonged period of relaxation.

These pieces blend the photographic documentation of real student memories with the fictional representations and experiences of noted Bath alumni from the twentieth century.

Carla Wright
‘Where We Lived. And What We Lived For’ shows a selection of buildings where, as a group, we have lived since Somerset Place. ‘Hufeisensiedlung (Horseshoe Building)’ is a social housing project in Berlin, and ‘Play Area D’ is a drawing of one of the many children’s play areas in a council estate in Bracknell. These works address community living, from government organisation such as New Towns and estates, to the financial necessity of artists living in a communal house.

Anna Chrystal Stephens
A map or blueprint of a building will provide insight to its utilitarian layout; where the walls are, the way the space divided, the size of the windows and swell of the brick. Beyond the puritanical lines of a schematic, there is a visceral and colourful narrative – these few lines can be extrapolated to form an arena for existence, cohabitation and creation. Over time, we furnish our interiors with information and association, providing texture and tone to what was once a silent and inanimate space. This image is made of photographs, and a sketch of the building layout in which the photographed activities took place. Spontaneous visual connections create a mosaic branching out from the map of the space.

Ben Garrod
I like to think that my work has developed in some way since I graduated, but the work I’ve made for this show is a throw-back to the sneering juvenilia of my student days. Enjoy.

Adam Burton


Vulpes Vulpes off-site project.
Part of Bath Fringe festival 2010.
Walcot Chapel, Bath