Go to Ground Book

Go To Ground

Go to Ground is an account of the first five years of Vulpes Vulpes, containing archival material that documents the workings of the project, as well as commissioned texts and contributions from artists. This book is an insight into the motivations of the group and an informal resource for artist-led activity.

Contributors include: Patrick Goddard, Berry Patten, Emily Ballard, Copenhagen Place (Justyna Kabala & Paul Gwilliam), Christopher Rawcliffe, Hadiru Mahdi, Christina Laskaridis, Verity-Jane Keefe, Laurie Storey, Anna Chrystal Stephens, Glen Stoker, Reuben Bowles, Adam Burton, Ben Garrod, Carla Wright.

Book design by Paul Bailey

This book is currently out of print. The second edition will be printed soon.